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Afrilearn Basic

Achieve superior goals with gamified learning

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Basic features

Enjoy unlimited gamified exam practice, class notes and video lessons, covering every topic across all subjects
Get Free Homework Help to improve your grades
Access instant explanations, solutions, and answers for every exercise
Learn through your syllabus at your unique pace, in your own way
Compete with friends, earn points, and improve your learning outcomes
Achieve the best school grades and pass exams in one sitting
Discover and maximize your strength with insightful analytics
Boost your confidence with personalised learning

Afrilearn PLUS

Achieve superior goals with gamified learning

₦2,500 ($5.98)

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PLUS features

Full access to Coding Classes and premium content
One-to-One lessons with rockstar teachers focused on your progress
Live classes by top teachers with personalized assessments
Unlimited 24/7 Homework Help to improve your grades
An ad-free learning experience
A growing library of educational eBooks
Exclusive access to webinars and workshops from industry professionals
Priority customer support